I am a UK citizen, self-employed costume designer. I want to work self-employed in USA. What visa do I need?


I am moving to USA this autumn with my partner who is taking up a job in New York. I am a freelance costume designer and would like to continue freelancing. What visa do I need to be self employed in the US?


Hi Ruth,

I am a currency exchange specialist, working for KBR Foreign Exchange Plc. Seeing as you and your partner are moving over to America, I take it you will be buying a property out there? Or at least will be transferring money over there. If so, I would love to try and help you out.
If you could give me a call on 0207 989 0222 or email me on b.golder@kbrfx.com i would love to discuss further with you.

Brad Golder
KBR Foreign Exchange Plc


Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your question.

The UKTI team in New York have posted a useful article on visas.


Hope that this helps,



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