I am a beginner and an individual. Have no company set up domestically, where do i start and how please?


I am 28 years old always wanted to import/ export. have no previous experience in trade and would like to know where and how i can begin. I have no company set up to trade with no finance support yet. I believe we all start somewhere and I want to get started as soon as I can with the right help and guide. I have few ideas but need the right guide to where, what, when and how!
hope someone could offer their free advice and guide!

very much appreciated…



I am aware of an international trade mentoring programme run through the Princes Trust that may be able to assist/mentor you.


If you can supply your email address I can forward you the PDF/further information.

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Hi Sriramajeyam,

Thanks for raising your question. You may find some information to help you on our Getting Started pages, there is some more information for you here http://opentoexport.com/theme/getting-started/ and here http://opentoexport.com/topics/getting-started/. There is a wealth of useful information on both of these pages. The featured articles are a great place to start your searching for information.

You mention financing, you may find these webinars useful for you as well http://opentoexport.com/theme/export-finance/.

If you have any specific markets in mind it might be worth looking at the country pages and of course you can ask for help from the community.

Good luck with your new start-up.

Kind regards,

Open to Export Team


Thank you for the recent replies with advice and guides Gemma and Sian.

I will be looking up through princes trust Gemma do appreciate your help on that information.

Sian I have read through some of the getting started information but doesn’t give me the core answers to an individual circumstances. Seems like a lot of things to grasp in and does not give me a point to point on what way i should start and learn. However I will try my best to cover all aspects and understand as much i can. Thank you also for your info.

Please do keep coming in with more advice people…the only way is communication! 🙂

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