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I have been contacted by a customer in Kuwait who wants to buy my Food Supplements. He has asked me to put the HS code on the invoice. Does any body know the HS code for Dietary Supplements?


Hi Iain,

We import sports supplements – HS code depends what type you have, can you email or call me and give me some more info? [email protected] or 02392756575.




Hi Ian,

You can find HS codes (or customs tariff codes) by visiting https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff , and drilling down through the product descriptions until you find the most accurate one.

If you export or import those products already, you can ask your freight company what tariff codes they have used to clear your products through customs.

Just a quick word of caution; even if you use a freight company or anybody else to identify the HS codes for you, you, the trader are legally liable to HM Revenue & Customs for the accuracy of any Customs codes used in any of your export or import shipments.


Hello Ian
My name is Chris Willers and I run an export services company called Access to Export Ltd based near Cambridge.
I can help to identify the correct HS code for you but I will need to know more details of the product. Alternatively you can try searching the UK tariff using the following link https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff/chapters/21?country=&day=26&month=2&year=2013.
If you would like me to help further please feel free to contact directly either by e-mail [email protected] or by phone 01223 890767.
Also have you confirmed the full export documentation requirements with your customer and the method of payment? Shipments to the Middle East region often involve certified/legalised documents and letters of credit. We can help with both of these if required.

Kind regards

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