How to supply ICT solutions to Africa?


Our company are having problems finding a way to promote rural or communal Internet solutions to countries in Africa.


Hi Steven,

It’s a very difficult question to answer without knowing more specifics, are you selling business to business or trying to get directly to consumers? The first B2B approach could be helped by UK Trade & Investment contacts within the country.



I was about to do that next,I can supply my service to businesses or customers.Basically I want to supply Internet to anyone who requires a service, but I have a lot of Countries on the list in Africa. What other points do you feel are outstanding?


The First step I would suggest is try to think about why you want to export! Is your company financial stable enough to undertake expansion through export, do you have enough research and money to do the things needed to increase your chances of successful export, like Market advertising, Internationalising your website and employing/targeting staff dedicated to developing the market.
The Second step I would suggest is to identify which countries could have the most interest in your particular offering? Think about your product and service why would a customer in that particular state want to purchase your Oil’s etc. try to build a picture of what your ideal customer is and then we can use this to find potential customers.
The Third step is to decide what route to market is for you, should you appoint an agent, trade directly (e-commerce), look for a distribution partner, or think about your own company in the US.
feel free to email me directly at if you would like to have a telpehoen chat through the inital ideas and areas UKTI could help with.

Export Action Plan