How to start exporting whiskey to Kenya/East Africa


My friend and I are looking into starting up a whiskey export business to Kenya and perhaps the rest of east Africa, as I’m in Scotland and he’s in Kenya.

We know the market is there, but how is the best way to access it?


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I am checking the latest on this subject matter with my office in Nairobi. I will revert by tomorrow.

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You might find it useful to look at this brief article on Agency and Distribution.

This and other things to consider are covered on our website and in the Exporting Made Easy e-book

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The first thing you need to establish is if you can get products to supply to this region. Current manufacturers/suppliers may have partners in place and they may be exclusive, so I would check this first, as it would not be practical to do all your market research and then find you do not have a product to sell.

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