how to start exporting scrap metal from UK to India?


hi everyone,
i would like to start exporting business. need guidance on licences required to do this business. does i need to register with environmental agency? do i need to have a premises for doing scrap metal business? how to find suppliers? what is the current scrap metal prices? i would like to deal with non ferrous metals please advice me on it.
thanks in advance.



Hello Srikanth,
You also need to consider the logistics and customs requirements for your business.

For example – freight costs are determined by the weight and dimensions of the cargo to be shipped. So you need to think about what items you will choose to ship and how you will present them for shipment e.g. complete items or broken up into pieces.

I presume you would be considering seafreight – you can choose Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL). Each has a different cost build up but would include, delivery cost to port of export, loading into container, moving cargo around the port of export, loading onto the ship, documentation, unloading from the ship, moving cargo around the port of destination, unloading the container, documentation, delivery to final destination.

You need to decide your delivery terms e.g. will your selling price include delivery to the customer’s premises in India or just to the port of export? It is usual to indicate this by using an INCOterm. Take a look at this web site for information.
INCOterms make the seller’s and the buyer’s responsibilities clear.

You will also need to consider import duty, tax and administration costs at import. Take a look at these web sites for further information and Import duty is determined by the nature of the items being imported e.g. copper wire or tin sheet. Each product has a different percentage of import duty.

If you would like to discuss the above further please do not hesitate to contact me.


hi Susan,
many thanks for your information. could anyone please help me on finding scrap metal suppliers in the UK.


As you suggested in your question, you will need to be registered with the Environment Agency in order to move or export waste products. For further information go to;

Export Action Plan