How to start a scrap metal export business


Hi there,

I am planning to start a scrap metal export business to India. I have my contacts in India ( the companies that I can be able to deliver).

I have a vague idea about how this works but I need clarification on some of the below questions.

*What are government permissions or licences (Export / Import) to be taken?
* Any MOU to be signed?
* Export duty?
*Import duty if again i take responsibility of delivering upto the door.
* Average Price per tonnee or slab – wise pricing?
*Transportation cost?
* What is usually the Payment mode that works between the two companies?
* Do the companies in India agree to make the payments upfront?
* What are the freight charges?
* Do we need to make the goods insured before it leaves the port? If yes, how much would it cost avg.?
* Labor cost

If I am missing anything or have to take any other precautions it would be really really great if someone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Anirudh R


Dear Anirudh,

Good afternoon.

My name is Joshua Kilpatrick, and I work for the UK India Business Council. The UKIBC offers a range of support for the issues you asked about. Could you send across your company portfolio to me so that we can assist you?
My email address is

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Josh Kilpatrick


Dear Anirudh,

Request you to provide more details about your company and I will then connect you to the relevant UKTI colleague.

My email id –

Tanvi Jajodia.


I am based in London and I have 5 years experience in metal scrap Business, if you require any information on the availability of scrap example: HMS 1&2, Auto Shredded ISRI 211 Steel Scrap,Tin scrap,Aluminum, copper and brass or any kind of Paper,Cardboard,plastic scrap, i can give you all the information where you can buy direct from the yards in United Kingdom.
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