How to put in a tender?



I am new to this and was looking for some help in how to put in a tender? Step by step guide would be useful or preferably a template or examples of tenders put in?

Thanks in advance.



Generally in submitting a tender you will be responding to a direct request for quote (RFQ) and the requester will normally provide some guidance on what they expect. The other common means of identifying opportunities for submitting tenders is through the world wide web. There are numerous portals that carry invitations to tender and which ones you use will depend on what sector you are in and what your capabilities are. As an example most government procurement above a certain value will advertised through an OJEU notice. The most common access to these notice is through web site search for tenders link which will take you to which is a highly searchable database and is a subscription service. Alternatively you can register on other portals that carry tenders only specific to certain organisations for example if you are particularly interested in doing business in Scotland then register free at where you will set up a profile and receive automatic e-mails when tenders come up that match your profile. Again each tender will carry specific instructions about how to complete your bid submission. It is often worth enlisting the support of an experienced bid manager if it is a high value or complicated bid. for none government tenders If there is no guidance in the invitation to tender or RFQ then it may be possible to speak to the potential client and ask what they expect, if that is not possible then you will need to discern from the request what you think is important to the client, this might range from a straightforward offer of service with associated fees to the addition of some information as to why you are the best provider with some track record.

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