How to make profit on exporting specifically requested goods when courier prices are so high?


Hi, I am in the process of setting up a luxury gift service business for clients in West Africa (specifically Nigeria to start with), however I am finding it very difficult to work on a pricing strategy as these gifts are made upon request so shipments may be quite sporadic to start off with.

I intend on growing this business and have plans to build a large customer base which i believe is possible as i have many contacts within the country but i am having trouble finding the most cost effective way of transporting the goods and still being able to make a success of the business.

Can someone help me with either a pricing strategy in order to make a profit as shipping these gifts outside of the EU is fairly expensive or provide advice on what would be the cheapest mode of transportation for goods shipped on request.

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Vicky, rather than approaching the couriers directly it may be worth speaking to a local freight forwarder as they are likely to have accounts with couriers – and due to their volumes shipped better rates.


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along with the courier pricing you will also need to consider the additional cost of SONCAP certification for each shipment sent to NIgeria which is $600USD per shipment.

If you have any questions regarding SONCAP please don’t hesitate to contact me
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