How to look for Chinese law firms to team up?


I am currently looking for Chinese lawyers who are planning to expand their business overseas. I am currently practising in London as a solicitor and notary public.Some of my clients are having business connections with Mainland China and they need support from that part of the world.


Mei Sim Lai of LaiPeters & Co will be able to help she is very well connected.

Let’s connect on Linkedin and I’ll introduce you.



I work occasionally with a Chinese lawyer, Xie Rong, who is living in the UK and was the first from PRC to be accredited by the Law Society. She would be happy to talk to you and help in finding suitable firms.

You can contact her at [email protected]


Stephen, at the China Britain Business Council we can assist you to find partners across the whole country by utilising our 13 office network. As it happens I met a Beijing firm yesterday looking for partners in the UK.

We see a growing trend of such partnerships between mid sized firms in both countries and have undertaken several assignments.

Drop me an email at stephen.phill[email protected] if you want to arrange a discussion in more detail.



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