How to get started in international Card/Image Distribution


My wife, Debbie is an Artist, she creates Original Images of Angels, we have transferred the images on to Cards and Prints, and now have a Limited Edition Range.

Market Research has provided evidence that these will be very popular across a wide area, and as I have now given up my job to work on this full time I am reluctant to just spend money where I can invest back into promoting her products, Debbie Original Art is Fantastic and has been enjoyed by many over the past eighteen months, and she would like to see more people available to enjoy them.

Any advice on how to get started would be great.


good afternoon Mark
I remember that you attended our workshop "how to grow your business overseas" last February. I would be interested in finding out what steps you had decided to take from your action plan following on from the event?
If you need any assistance in taking this further, please give me a call on 01707 398024. our office has been working with a card designer looking for distributors and we gave them a couple of leads from Italy in the past. Maybe an advanced search on our website with greeting cards or art would show you the type of European companies looking for partners in your sector?

I would also recommend that you check your intellectual property protection, your wife’s designs in particular, see for instance this video from the Intellectual Property Office showing a case study from a original art card designer:

I am happy to pick up with you at any point and see if we and UKTI can offer any further assistance.
kind regards
Mathilde Murphy
Enterprise Europe Network East of England
[email protected]


Hi Mark
Can’t seem to get into your website to be able to make any comments or give advice.



Hi Julian,

Thanks for your message. While cards are not extremely common in Mexico they are available in nice book shops and boutique stores. Looking at your website I think your wife’s designs are of the right quality to sell to such stores and not too expensive at their price in pounds (I imagine you would want to print them here.)

I am not sure whether you are considering Mexico but if you would like to know more about how our British Business Centre can help you, please send me a mail at [email protected] and I’d be more than happy to talk.

Kind regards


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