How to get in touch with the English Expatriates currently living in China?


As a notary public practising in London, I am keen on providing my notary services to English expatriates currently living in China either on a temporary basis or permanently. Over the past few years, I have got a number of clients from that community. However, to approach this group of people systematically is not easy. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


I think you may find it usefull contacting the British Chamber of Commerce and then perhaps our local UKTI office for further guidance.


Dear Stephen,

The British Chamber of Commerce in Beijing is a great network of British professionals resident in China.

For people who are there for a short period of time, contact with UK companies active in China (including those who do not have full time expat staff in country) through the membership of the China-Britain Business Council may be useful.

For the Chamber contact Cherry He
For the Council contact Jodie Qiao 0207 802 2003

Kind regards,

Stewart Ferguson
Head of Research
China-Britain Business Council 07932 698794

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