How to get duty-free status for EU origin product held in US?


We import product from Sweden and hold it in our Atlanta warehouse. THat inventory is used to cover projects in both US and Mexico. We recently shipped product for a project in Mexico with an EUR1 certificate (issued retroactively by Chamber of Commerce in Sweden to cover only that product shipping from Atlanta to Mexico) so that our customer could submit for duty-free status. The Mexican Customs authorities would not grant duty-free status since it was not shipped in-bond through the US. Is it possible to have the EUR1 show that our product originated in Sweden (ie, establish chain-of-custody) so that we can help our Mexican customers achieve duty-free status on import of our products?

Thank you for any advice you can provide.


Hello Eric,

Irrespective of not having a US In-Transit bond, an EUR1 is sufficient for mexican customs not to charge duties. It’s likely the mexican broker didn’t do sufficient work on his end to ensure this, so I would encourage your customer to get a second opinion from another customs agency for the next import. Claiming back taxes/duties once they’ve been paid is not impossible, but many mexican companies don’t go down this route as it often involves in-depth audits from the authorities.


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