How to find Post Codes for addresses in Nigeria to satisfy courier requirements


I have recently been presented with a problem which is becoming a minor bottle neck.

Having established a contact in Nigeria for the purpose of delivering some samples to from HK ; I am presented with what in theory should be a minor hiccup.

The address of the firm I am delivering to in Nigeria does not have a post code and neither do any of the other companies in the same area that I have researched on the web.

My courier / system in HK has a dependency on having a post code in order to proceed with the delivery.

The company I am sending too say that they do not use post codes, and speaking with friends and contacts they too say that typically in Nigeria postcode is not used.

Although not used is there a source on the web for deriving correct post codes for addresses in Nigeria / West Africa?

My immediate need is for postcode related to address Ralph Shodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja , Nigeria.


Hi Anthony

Thank you for your question.

A few community members have previously suggested the following site:

It may be worth exploring our Nigerian country page which is packed with useful articles, previously asked questions and business opportunities:

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


Hi Anthony what we usually do in mainly in Nigeria I contact the nearest hotel to that address and then take it from there


You can contact:

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