how to find importers in african and middle east market for IT related products


at present i do export in small quantities to abu dhabi INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS like severs/switches/notebooks/accessories/tft’s/printers etc
brnad include dell/lenovo/hp etc


Dear Kunwar,

I work for UKTI in South Africa. Could you please kindly send me an email with your enquiry and further information to

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



Thanks for your question, Kunwar.

Are there any African and Middle East markets that you are particularly interested in? If you let me know, I’ll find overseas colleagues like Jaymi in South Africa, who will be able to help you. Jaymi and my other colleagues can do research on your behalf and find relevant contacts for you within their markets.

In the meantime, I have found details of a couple of Middle East events that you may be interested in attending. Please see the attached links.

1, Satellite 2013 in the United Arab Emirates

2, CABSAT 2013 in the United Arab Emirates

I look forward to hearing which markets in Africa and the Middle East that you are interested in.


Jennie Rich


Dear Kunwar,

I work for UKTI in East Africa covering Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania, based out of Kenya. You may be interested to know of a planned ICT seminar / exhibition being held in Nairobi on 24 and 25 October. It is called the East African ICT Summit. If you would like more information on this and other ICT opportunities, such as the development of an ICT city just outside Nairobi called Konza Techno City please e-mail me on
Greg Gibson

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