How to find distributors in Europe


We produce speciality flavoured coffee and have a small number of customers in EU (Eire and Holland). We would like to expand our distribution to specialist food stores and deli’s, particularly for our Xmas products, so were thinking that a distributor would be good.
Any ideas as to how to start?


Dear Kate,

It’d be great to hear more about your product to see how we can help further.
Have you considered the Turkish Market?

We’d be happy to support you in case you need any information in the market.

Kind Regards,


Hi Kate,

Your product sounds lovely!

Have you got a presence on LinkedIn? There are many groups which you can join to promote your products and many buyers looking for new, quirky products for their countries markets.

Have a look here

If I can help with managing your overseas payments please drop me a line.

Good luck



I have mentioned your enquiry to your local Enterprise Europe Network team in the Midlands who will get in touch with you shortly.
They offer a Partnering service and specialise in Europe. for more information visit:
best wishes
Mathilde Murphy

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