How to find an Agent / Partner in the USA?



We are selling our units in to the US direct from the UK, the units are going well in one’s and two’s and would be interested in taking the next step, can anyone let me know who one would need to contact.
We are in the Outdoor furniture market.


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We are a UK based freight and logistics company with numerous airfreight and sea freight offices. We have experience in shipments to USA from the UK and we currently handle this commodity for both imports and exports by sea & Air.

This is something that we would most certainly be able to assist you with and provide you with guidance on going forward

If you would like more details and assistance with your enquiry, please get in touch with regards to your consignments and we’d be happy to help.
Please either telephone me on +44 (0) 1753681226 or email me on



Are you looking for a company who can arrange the exporting of the items to the USA as well a local agent in the USA who can assist with customs clearance etc? We can help with both if required we have several agents that we use in the USA on a daily basis.

Please feel free to email me on for further details.



In my experience you have to become a detective on the internet and search and search again, however someone on this site may be able to recommend some known and trusted partners.
One advice I would give you is to tackle the USA in regions not the USA as a whole. ‘Rep companies’ operate in each state or region in the USA and you may well find one that specialises in Outdoor furniture that you can talk to. These rep companies tend to import products made outside the USA and re sell them in the region/state.
Good luck
Steve Smith, Hartwell Smith Associates

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