How to export vespas from vietnam to the Uk?


hello, I am taking my second tour of south east Asia and I’m looking to build contacts in Vietnam to be able to buy Vespa scooters and import them back to the UK, what’s the best way to start and best way to export the scooters safely and regularly as possible. I no the market very well back in the UK and know how desirable the scooters are which makes for high profit margins. i have a team of mechanics in the UK which will be able to get the bikes to UK road legal standards and restore them to to there full glory. Any help and advice out there would be great!


Hello Ben,
In order to work out your costs you need to calculate how much import duty and VAT you will need to pay when you import the scooters into the UK. To do this you need to assign a tariff code to them see Take care to consider if there are different tariff codes for second hand / used scooters / vintage and new scooters.

You then need to decide how you want to ship them back to UK – air or sea? Both operate on a weight v. dimensions cost model so to get quotes you need to estimate the packed size and weight of your average consignment.

You also need to decide on the best packing method – must they be kept dry or the right way up for example? Will bubble wrap do or do you need a wooden crate? This will vary depending on your choice of air or sea freight and on the conditions for road transport at each end (you have to get them to the port or airport!).

Just a few thoughts to get you started.

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Hello Ben,

We have a few mod fans in the office here at CCL, so we think your idea is brilliant. We offer a range of freight forwarding services which would be of interest to you – we work with the main shipping companies and you can take advantage of our consolidated buying power to get the best deal possible.

My colleague Margaret is the best person to speak to in our Freight Forwarding department – with years of experience she’ll be able to guide you on the best method of shipping, packaging and any other things you’ll need to take into account. I’d advise you to give her a call on 01292 310 510 extn: 1201 or email her: [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you and to hopefully working with you on your new project.

Kind regards,
Dawn Henderson
Marketing Executive
Consolidated Carriers Ltd


Hello Ben,

We have some business contacts in Vitenam (specifically Ho Chi Minh) city, who might be interested in possibly managing the research,sourcing and ground crew operations for you. Feel free to get in touch if that’d be useful. Happy to help.



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