How to Export Scrap Metal from UK to India?



I am looking forward to export scrap metal from UK to India. I have my contacts in India and I know how the freight charges work for 40ft HC or 20ft FCL to India via sea. Although I need to know from where I can find suppliers of scrap metal? What license I require and any other permissions or certificates required from government? Any guidance will be very beneficial.

Thank you.



Take a look at which will give you information on what is needed.

You will find you need to know the customs tariff code for you products. Take a look at to work that out.

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Hi Ian/Susan,

Thank you for your prompt responses. Ian, are you doing currently scrap metal containers from Uk to India? And as you said what kind of problem you get for clearing the container at port. I have my contact in India, but still I want to make sure I have all the information correct on my side. Also how to declare these goods on BL?

Thank you

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