How to export scrap batteries from UK to India?


I am looking to export scrap batteries from UK to India. As, I do not have much knowledge regarding this. I am looking for scrap battery exporters or suppliers to get some quotations and legal documentation requirements. I have few companies in India who are interested in buying scrap batteries. But I would like to work out the rates, see some samples and legal formalities required in UK. Thank you


Good Morning Angad

There is no reason you can’t export scrap batteries (by sea of course). However the batteries will have to be packed very well and inspected before shipment.

This is because of the nature of the product you are exporting. Any leaks could compromise safety and damage the container.

Feel free to drop me a line if you need further information. One of our sales team will also be able to provide you with pricing to destinations within India from the UK.


Graham Bedford
Jenkar Shipping Ltd


Hi Graham,

Thank you for your reply.

I believe you are a freight forwarder. I know most of the rates for containers to ICD tughlakabad as the company I work in exports food stuff. I would like to know if you know any companies who are exporting scrap batteries to India on regular basis and if I can get any contact details. I would work out the prices and the exporting details then my next step would be asking you the rates. So, please advise.

Thank you.


Dear Angad

Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be viewed on the GOV.UK website at by typing ‘Notice 275’ in the search box and selecting the following links from the search results: > Notice 275 “Customs export procedures” a guide to UK export procedures using the National Export System.

Further detailed information regarding exporting goods outside the EU can be found by using the following link

Please note you should seek advice from your carrier to see if they have any restrictions or special requirments on carrying this sort of product.
You may also require an export licence from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). If a licence is required, it should be obtained before the goods are exported. Further advice can be obtained by calling the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on 01642 364 333 or by e-mail at

HM Revenue & Customs
Customs International Trade & Excise

Export Action Plan