How to export Pharmaceuticals products to Bangladesh from UK


I am trying to determine what is the market like in Bangladesh for UK Pharmaceuticals. And how would one go on about exporting Pharmaceuticals products to Bangladesh, what licence are required and what products are in demand in Bangladesh.


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There is a very useful link below from Open to Export on your product and current growth of this particular market.

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Many thanks for the link it has confirmed what i feared, i.e. protectionism, protecting local developing industry. Any bright ideas about sending any in-demand UK products to Bangladesh


Dear Md Kamal,

I’m pleased that you found the report Darren highlighted of interest. Without knowing which particular pharmaceutical drugs you have in mind, there is little that we can usefully add to the information in the report at this stage. Yes, large areas of the domestic market are protected but they are accessible. However, a strong relationship with your local agent will be key to making any meaningful advances into the market. If you do not yet have an approved agent in Bangladesh, this is something that we could help you with off-line.

You may also find it helpful to speak to the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) – the national drug regulatory authority of Bangladesh. The DGDA is the body responsible for all associated regulations, including those relating to importation and pricing of drugs. Making early contact with the DGDA will be crucial to your success in Bangladesh. They have a useful website which includes up-to-date contacts at

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Justin Davies
UKTI Bangladesh

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