How to employ a US resident who works from home in the US?


Hello – does anyone have any experience employing people in the US? I run a UK limited company and I am considering employing a particular person full time, but they are a US resident who works from home in the US.

I have seen the previous comments on this forum, but would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience (1) using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), or (2) setting up a subsidiary in the US and becoming a US employer.

I’m finding it very difficult to find information on the costs/time needed/legalities involved with either of these 2 options.

Any help gratefully received!


Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your question and best of luck getting more specific answers to it.

If you don’t get any rewarding answers automatically in the next day or so, I will try to reach out to people who may be able to help.

Best wishes,



Sandy: I run a small law firm in Chicago and represent a number of UK companies doing business in the US. Happy to chat to see if we can help with this.

Steve Curtis
(312) 425-0053
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Hi Stephen, Many thanks indeed for your advice earlier when I called you. It was great to hear that you have helped so many UK businesses set up in the USA, and that PWC refer UK businesses to you. If we decide to set up a US subsidiary, we will definitely come to you, as you could also introduce us to other companies who could handle payroll, insurance, tax etc. All the best, Sandy

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