How to contact a supplier?


Dear All,

I would like to start exporting some confectionery products to Dubai. I have chosen some suppliers but am unsure how to approach them?

What sort of questions / information do I need to ask them?

I wonder if someone could be kind enough to send me an email template? (

Kind Regards


Hi Sam
Initially you will need to establish whether the suppliers are already exporting to Dubai or the wider Gulf region. If they already have a distributer, they will want to route their sales through this distributer and there is unlikely to be an opportunity for you.

Companies that do not have current distribution in Dubai, may be interested in talking to you, however you will have to demonstrate to them that you have the contacts and capability to effectively market and sell their products into Dubai.

Other issues to consider are who will deal with possible product testing / regulation; possible need to re-package / re-label; shipping; marketing; costs and pricing; minimum order quantities; product liability.

I do not have a template for this, but happy to discuss in more detail if you want to contact me.

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