How to best market our cultural exchange programme in China?


Young Lilies is a community interest company. One of our enterprise products is cultural exchange programme between Britain and China.

We launched our first product “Experience the British Way of Life” in April 2015 on Chinese social media site WeChat. It did reach a few hundreds people with a couple of dozen responses.

However no booking. People didn’t really give any reason why they didn’t book. the conversation went quiet after the initial enquiries. General feedback from colleagues and friends are very positive.

We would like to have your advice to move our business forward please. Thank you in advance.


Hi there,

Thanks for your question, I hope you get answers to this question. Reaching customers is often the hardest bit of export because there’s no single process to go through.

Our reaching customers section has a lot of articles which aim to help – and I recommend reading some of the articles about understanding cultural differences as a way of thinking about how to get that cultural hook in the market you’re selling in.

Best of luck – it sounds like a great programme you’re running.


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