How to begin exporting food and drink


At present we are a food and drink Trading Co. T/O 2014 £35m

What are the steps necessary to be taken in order that we can contact potential customers



Where do you want to export too? Have you considered the South East Asian region? Specifically the Philippines? I work for the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and we are here to assist British companies in exporting into our market.

Please contact me directly on for further information.

Thank you



It would be great if you can give more information on the type of products you manufacture and the countries you’re interested in. We’d be more than happy to help if we can have some more information on your business.

Many Thanks
Serenay Yılmaz


Hi Colin,

Do you have a LinkedIn account? I had a quick look but couldn’t see one for you or the company. Worth doing, it’s additional exposure for the business (you can ask people to follow your account) and personally it allows you to join groups of people who, quite often, are looking for new products for their particular territories.

Agree with the ladies above, more specific info on what products you want to sell and where you would like to export to will help!

Any questions please give me a call or email

Good Luck

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