How should you approach pricing across the USA?


As a start-up company producing frozen yogurt lollies in the UK, we have been asked to pitch to work with one of the U.S’s top retailers. We do not have FDA approval yet.

Pricing will be a key part of negotiations and because we don’t yet know how many states/stores we are pitching for business in, pricing is going to be very difficult. The company in question won’t tell us this information in advance.

Is it best to price things up on a State by State basis? If we are shipping from the UK, I imagine the price between East and West coast must be enormous, so when we quote, we will need to future proof ourselves to ensure our prices don’t leap up if/when the product starts to ship nationwide?

Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give. The pitch is this Thursday 24th September!

Best regards

Meriel Kehoe
Co Founder
Claudi & Fin

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