How much duty will I pay exporting infant formula to the US?


Please can you help me understand how much duty will I pay exporting infant formula to the US?



You can find information in the FAQ page (see under A-to-Z) on the web site.

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Thank you for your query regarding the export of goods to the US.

There is no duty payable to the UK authorities upon export of goods from the UK. You should contact the customs authority in the US to ask about any import duty that might be payable by the importer.

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R White
HM Revenue & Customs
Customs, International Trade & Excise

I must emphasise that the advice given is based on the information you supplied. If the nature of the transaction changes in technical detail, or the relevant details provided were incomplete or incorrect, we will not be bound by this ruling.


Hi there, I would just like to add that if you have by chance agreed to ship the goods under Incoterm DDP then you will be liable to pay any applicable duty once the goods are imported in to the US.

This website should help you to ascertain different rates for different products in different countries.

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