How does one go abut finding a solution for an all in one tent for refugee camps?


I have been asked by a client to find a solution to a problem regarding the designing and exporting (once designed) of a tent with a built in Wet Room for a minimum of twelve people to a tent to be sent to Refugee Camps worldwide.

How does one go about finding this sort of thing and how would one export it?


There are lots of medical type tents made in China the problem would be finding the best manufacturer & ensuring they follow you design.

How many tents would be needed
Can you use off the shelf tents with built in wet rooms etc

Maybe I can help

David Bill


Hi Rosa,
We are a freight forwarding company in the West Midlands, one of our clients is a company called Concrete Canvas – they manufacture shelters etc. in Concrete Cloth – this maybe a product they can help you with – suggest you contact Jayne Williams – you can say I recommended her company: [email protected]
Tel 0845 680 1908


Hi Rosa

If you need help in designing a specific type of tent; layout/ flow of personnel through the wetroom/ease of erection/disassemble/packing/disposal etc to your client’s specification we would be happy to chat to see what you need and what options are open to you.

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