How does one go about exporting to Somalia/Somaliland?


Somalia and Somaliland are in need of urgent exports, but it seems difficult in exporting to these countries. As there is not many banking systems or currency is given in cash.


Dear Rosa
Please advise details of the shipments and we will do our best to revert
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Dear Rosa,

Not one the of easiest Countries to export too, assuming you have clients in Somalia requiring your goods already in place, there are services to Somalia albeit infrequent and subject to change. Exports to Somalia were subject to pre-shipment inspection by Intertek / Bureau Veritas and I would need to check to see if this is still applicable. Banking wise there used to be Central Bank of Somalia, Commercial & Savings Bank of Somalia , African development Bank and a few others. Ther are certain sanctions in place covering military and dual use items. Medical and pharmaceutical items may need prior approval before being exported. The deprtment for Business, Innovation & Skills have more details on their website for dealings with Somalia. I have also been advised that there is no British representation in Somalia and the country is covered by the British High Commission in Nairobi. Trust the above is of assistance, and we would be happy to quote you for any future shipments you may have,
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