How does one go about exporting to Iran?


I am interested in exporting to Iran and was wondering how one can go about it.


Dear Rosa
Please advise details of the shipment directly to us and we will try our best help.
email [email protected] or phone 01263 513127

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Dear Rosa

Many thanks for posting this question.

Please could you provide some more information on the type of goods and/or services you are looking to export to Iran. UKTI colleagues here in the UK as well as in market may then be able to advise you further.

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To the best of my knowledge there is a general trade embargo imposed by the UK Government on trade with Iran. They do not openly encourage any trade of any kind with Iran and probably would not provide any support if a trade goes wrong.

One route to Iran is via Dubai. A significant volume of trade is conducted via Dubai but this has also been affected by the financial sanctions imposed on Iran by the US.

You might like to contact the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce in London to find out what the latest situation is.

Richard England

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