How does one go about exporting to Afghanistan?


Afghanistan is a war torn country, but surely there must be some way of exporting to Afghanistan as much must be needed in the way of infrastructure or materials.


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As with other countries in the region, there are of course challenges both in terms of the export and import processes that need to be followed when shipping goods to Afghanistan; nevertheless, these are not insurmountable and all types of commercial cargo are currently being exported. Some of the complication arises as a result of Afghanistan being a land-locked country and therefore the level of complexity can depend on the means of transport. For example, an ocean shipment to Karachi and then road to Afghanistan will require customs clearances and transport documentation for movement through Pakistan. This includes the customs clearance and the Federal Board of Revenue requirements at the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. On the other hand, a multi-modal transport option based on an ocean move to say the UAE and then air transport to Afghanistan is an alternative to avoiding road haulage through Pakistan, but will of course require experienced freight forwarding staff to process the consignment through Dubai customs.

Just some initial thoughts, which I hope prove helpful. Regards, Tim

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