How do you find sales agents in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa?


My company manufactures specialist rinse nozzles used primarily in agricultural equipment but with potential applications, eg. RV black tanks in USA. Have had a good outcome from using a sale agent in N America, now looking for similar help in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Hi William

Welcome to Open To Export. I’m Chris Warrick from Beachhead Management, based in Sydney, and we are a specialist business-support company assisting inward investors with market entry into Australasia.

I note that you’ve had success with a Sales Agent in North America and I see from your website that you made a good choice (obviously, they’re Canadian :)! – I’m a double-transplanted Canadian/Brit/Australian).

I would strongly advise following a similar path in Australia and New Zealand. Though you can import directly, and there are some sectors in Australia – typically online retail – where you can go direct, I am of the opinion that Agri-Tech would not be one. A good, connected agent or distributor knowing the Australian market and contacts is worth every penny of his margin/commission.

There are a variety of ways of finding good sales agents or distributors and I would point you in the first instance to general info on the following site: There is also the Agribusiness Association of Australia which has a searchable Members Directory (access only available to members).

Whilst Beachhead ( is an ASIC-registered Local Agent and ERAC-registered Responsible Supplier and acts for clients as such (and we provide local Australian-resident directors, as and when your business grows to requiring a subsidiary!), we would not advance ourselves as specialist distributors in your agri-tech product sector. If you would like any further advice, however, we do advise and assist companies in search and selection of their ideal local distributor and we’d be happy to discuss.

If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me on

Whether we end up being of further assistance, good luck with your first foray into Antipodean Agri-tech market-entry.

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Hi there!

I work for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) and UKTI Manila in delivering services to help companies like yours to export or set up businesses in the Philippines. Our Headstart services are delivered in line with UKTI standards, whom we work closely with. Under Headstart, we can help you understand the market better, arrange market visit for you, introduce you to local contacts like distributors and arrange events to help you promote your product/ services in the market. We also arrange Trade Missions.

Should you be interested in exploring opportunities in the Philippines, we, at the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP) would be delighted to assist you further.

We encourage you to attend our webinar on exporting to the Philippines on 30th October and/or join our upcoming trade mission to the Philippines this November 16 & 17. If interested, you may email

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Patricia De Mesa
Project and Research Officer
British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
T: (+63 2 5565232 loc. 302)


Hi William,

While we predominantly represent British firms providing digital propositions or high unit cost products into the Australian and New Zealand markets – cutting edge digital, technical and scientific innovations – we do have some networks within the Agricultural and Agri-Tech space (as well as Resources, of course). I’d be happy to have a quick chat to see if we can be of assistance.

Contact details etc. on our website at

Best of luck. James

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