How do you find an appropriate supplier for Sweet Dried Almonds in West Africa?



In line with the increased awareness on healthy living, we are interested in exporting packaged whole dried sweet almonds to West Africa. We wish to start very small with orders of between 50 to 100 packs of the 100g retail pack size to test the market, and hope to grow the business as the market demand increases.

A supplier we spoke to here in the UK said their minimum order quantity is 600kg. We are not at that level yet and are simply looking for a proactive supplier that is willing to supply the small quantities we currently need, and who is happy to work with us in these early days.

If that is you and you have cost-effective pricing, kindly get in touch. Kind regards,


Hi Abayomi,

Thanks for your question and apologies for the delay getting back to you – we’ve had a busy webinar week. I’ve approved it to be forwarded onto the appropriate experts.

In the meantime, please do check out our food and drink page as there may be some useful content for your export plans.




Hello Will,
Thank you for your kind response. Unfortunately, the way the title of my question has been rephrased by your good selves gives the impression that I am looking for a supplier of dried sweet almonds in West Africa; I am not.

I am actually looking for a supplier of sweet almonds who is based here in the UK. Can you kindly adjust the question? Many thanks.
Kind regards.


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