How do we penetrate the spare part market in Nigeria.


We are into bulk purchase and export of salvaged vehicle engines and parts from the uk and are looking to find buyers in the west African region particularly Nigeria.

What are the processes involved?


Dear Stephen,
I am an Import/Export sourcing agent with a liaison office in Nigeria and source for products and services for businesses, government departments, wholesalers etc. There is a huge market for your products if properly executed and we have lots of request from our clients on auto parts and we are also in a position to advise you based on our extensive experience in the African market on any product or services.
You can contact me on +447404871050 or if you would be interested in further discussions.


Hello Stephen,
The spare parts market in Nigeria is very large even though it is very loosely regulated unlike the way it is here in the UK. A lot will depend on how your own operation is structured, and the exact verifiable nature of the salvaged products and parts that you offer, if you are to make a difference.

We recommend that you start by carrying out extensive market research with boots on the ground, to determine a suitable cause of action upon which you can develop a strategy.

The Africa Trade Portal works with companies like yours that are looking to expand into Nigeria, and we offer a free 30-minute consultancy where you can tell us more about your products and projections.

Please feel free to visit our website at to book a consultancy session, and we’ll be happy to talk with you. Wishing you all the very best.


This is very nice and really appreciating.
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