How Do We Improve Our Web Prescence Overseas In order To Target Key Overseas Markets


We are service company in the Lifting Equipment Industry with a good web presence & e-commerce facility
( ) . For overseas markets we are predominately interested in the sales of the various Lift Equipment products we sell ranging from small value items to high value capital equipment of a project nature .

We have in the past generated around £ 250k of export business per year via our website but in recent years this has reduced dramatically & whilst we are not entirely sure why this is, we believe it in part to be related to the fall in oil price as the oil & gas sector is one of our key markets , the rise in the value of £sterling & possibly a change in how Google arrange matters overseas.

In the light of Brexit & recent fall in the value of £sterling we want to try and focus sharply on re-activating our export business.

We have a web site developer we work with on our website who developed the site for us and assist us in marketing the site in the UK via SEO improvements & Google adwords .

However we need to find out how we can specifically target certain key export markets via our website as our current web developer referred to above is not an expert in this field .

Please can you assist with a step by step guide on how we should go about achieving this in a targeted fashion?


Many thanks for your question Andy. I hope you get some useful responses.

Here’s a few articles on the site (and a webinar!) which may be of use:

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Hi Andy,

The first step would be to narrow down which are your key markets. Where are your competition operating? In what ways are they communicating with your target audience?

Then I would think about the devises being used to access your content, in many overseas markets mobiles are the most commonly used device and therefore your website need to be optimised for mobile and your copy needs to be written in a way which grabs the attention of mobile users who are far less likely to read large amounts of text.

We are not web developers but we are specialists in helping companies to export overseas. If you would like some additional support to examine your most promising export markets which will deliver the highest ROI we would be delighted to discuss this with you. You can contact me directly at [email protected] or 02032399414

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