how do i set up an agreement with a supplier in another


I want to work with a gentlemen who supplies varnishes,

– water based coatings or solvent based coatings,

We have agreed to market these varnishes in foreign countries

how do i market these in foreign countries,

What is the best strategy living in the uk,

I hope you can help,

With regards

Frankie Kington
International Trading agent



Go to the UKTI website and click the link for exporters. You can then enter your postcode that will give you contact in UKTI that can come and see you. They will be able to advise you on how to take the business forward and link you to experts overseas who can identify key contacts for you and routes to your markets.

Best of luck.



Hi Frankie
As we have been in contact in the past, we have just spoken on the phone about your enquiry. As my colleagues above say, UKTI can assist in identifying contacts for your products and help you get into new markets. I look forward to receiveing further info from you regarding the products in question and helping you to move forward with this.
Kind regards


Information on the Customs requirements for exporting are given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be found on our website under Quick Links > Library > Official Statistics – Publications – Notices, Info Sheets & Other Reference Materials > Import, Export & International Trade. The Public Notices are in numerical order.

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