How do I sell playground equipment to schools in China?


We have a unique playground eco product, that appeals to primary schools and nurseries.


Hi Roy, I’ve had a quick look at your website, looks an interesting product. The big potential issue with China is IP, if it sells, you risk other people copying your design, and IP is very hard to protect in China. Are you selling well in the UK, and do you have other export markets? I’d have thought, that if you are looking for a "quick win" with export, its likely to be easier closer to home, but you’ll need to do the market research to see whether there is interest in composting, and a likely market. UKTI can give useful input to new exporters with schemes like Passport to Export and input from International Trade Advisors. Hope this helps. Kindest regards Mike


Thankyou for your prompt reply, Mike!
Since we manufacture in China, and there are many junior schools in China, it was the obvious question.
You highlight IP protection. This is not going to change in the short term, I am sure.
Two Chinese associates advised against even researching the market, there.
There are some supply practices that are hard to understand.
I am sure you are correct about concentrating on the Western markets.
I will explore the UKTI offerings.
All the best, Roy.


Hello Roy,
when you have settled on some target markets don’t forget to think about the cost of export documentation, import duty and VAT (or equivalent).

You will need to have selected a tariff code for each product see

Once you have that you can use this link to take a look at your target country to see the import regulations and duty/tax costs

If you need any further information or assistance don’t hesitate to ask.


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