How do I sell online direct to USA customers?


I am launching a new product that i manufacture in the UK, a wrap sunglass that we sell together with prescription lenses made to order via a new B2C website.

I want to exhibit the product at a large trade show in USA in January. I am looking to appoint distributors in USA but also sell directly to the end user at home.

Am I able to sell to any customer in any state, and am i correct in saying that if i ship each individual order via the UK postal service?

As long as the value of each individual order is under $200 , that the goods will pass through USA customs without any import duty or sales tax being applied?

I will also begin selling in UK next spring but i am already VAT registered … it’s just for direct USA orders i need to know if any pitfalls


Hi Ken,

There are a number of methods to consider.

In order to provide the correct advise, I would suggest a telephone conversation – as there are many variables to consider.

The fact that your consignments are potentially subject to FDA scrunity adds a level of complexity, which I would be happy to assist you with. I have helped many clients to sell product directly into the US and to ensure compliance with US Customs, FDA, EPA, IRS regulations.

Please message me directly to discuss further –

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Thanks and brgds


Hello Ken
I work for UKP Worldwide and we are based in the UK, with an office in the US and we specialise in delivering eCommerce items to the US. We could send your items on a tracked service via the United States Postal Service (USPS) which is more compliant than using a CN22 service via Royal Mail and provides tracking. Also, the duty threshold is now $800, up from $200. To complement out Outbound service we provide a Returns solution enabling your customers to shop with added confidence, knowing that they can return their unwanted goods. See our website – – for further information and by all means give me a call for further advice – 07747 271676.
Guy Cliffe – Director
UKP Worldwide
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Hi Ken,

Picking up on a different element of you question, you mentioning planning a visit to US to visit potential distributors and perhaps a show. You may want to consider applying for a document called the ATA Carnet as this will allow you to visit US without having to pay taxes and duty on any stock and if you have an exhibition stand. It’s only suitable for goods that you are taking in and will take back to UK with you i.e. not goods to plan to sell.

For US you’ll need to have meetings planned but you did mention distributors so I think that’s fine.

If appropriate you can apply online for your ATA Carnet at

[email protected]

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