How do I research the market for my products to countries outside the EU?


I’ve spent 2 days at British Library trying the research the market for cooked snails outside Europe but drawn a blank. I know snails are eaten in many countries e.g. China, Japan, Korea but there were no relevant statistics and even if they eat water snails that doesn’t necessarily mean they will eat land snails. Is there any other way of finding out please?


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Thank you for your question – I hope you see some useful answers to it soon.

In the meantime our Selecting a Market section has some useful articles you might like to read for some advice and guidance.

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Hi there, Helen!

If you want to find out statistics of snail consumption of countries outside Europe, I suggest you contact national food and agriculture departments of your target country of export. They would have relevant sources and publications you might need for your market study for your products. You may also check in-country statistics offices which would normally acquire studies and surveys as well.

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