how do i go about selling toughened glass to France?


We are a Glass Warehouse and our bespoke glass products are made from toughened glass. Our main enquiries are for Shower Screens, internal and external Glass Balustrades and Splash backs. Other products include; Toughened Glass, Painted Glass, Mirrors, Fire Rated Glass and Laminated Glass. We have been exporting glass orders to France both to companies and individuals on a regular basis but would like to know how to expand in this area and what other possible paths we could take to achieve this. All advice would be most appreciated. Thank you. Ms Shahara Diplock


Hi Shahara,
It depends on your sales & marketing plan that you have in place.
Some factors to take into account if I may suggest.
You say you sell to individuals, but your website is only in English. There are plenty of companies on this forum that could help you with translations and also SEO for & .
You could look at using sales agents based in France. I use Chambers of Commerce & Industry for France as a 1st port of call.
If you are looking for distributors they can also help,
But you can also contact French trade associations for Kitchen supply companies, Bathroom supply companies, Furniture companies, Building companies to get your products listed. eg or
You can also look at
or get in touch for more detailed help.


Hello Gilio,

My company is based in France, and specialized in assisting foreign companies enter the French market, in the fields of communication and marketing. You say you’ve already sold products in France, are you looking for new sales channels ? Is your company selling B2B or B2C ? If you are looking for help on product positionning and marketing plans, we might be able to assist you.
If you are looking for distributor channels, it’s not our speciality, but maybe and can address you to the right people.
Don’t hesitate do send me an email if you wish to talk it over :

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