How do i get my uk web site translated to norweigan and how do I purchase a norweigan domain ?


We currently have a handful of clients in Norway but would like to reach more and would like to have a current web site translated and with a Norway domain so we can set up a Google ad word campaign to attract enquiries



If you haven’t already read it, the following articles might be of interest:

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You might like to try this website for assistance:
This international site allows you to register your need and state what you are prepared to pay for the service. I am sure your request will receive a number of positive responses as the majority of the expertise offered comes from website developers, software developers and translators.


Richard England


Hi Kevin, I am UK account manager global top 30 translation company and if you would like to contact me I would be happy to discuss your requirements on a no obligation basis of course. A couple of things I would say from the off one maybe obvious the other maybe not so.

First if you are going to do it then do it well , a badly translated website is a very poor calling card in a new market. A reputable company will offer a free trial translation to show they know what they are doing in terms of quality/terminology etc. Obviously you need to choose a language you can check independently!

Secondly don’t only think about the immediate next market, language translation companies like multilanguage projects and the economies of scale can be passed on to the client. For example we offer a 10% discount to new clients but only on their first order. So, think what other languages you might need a year or two down the line. You will have the website text ready for further expansion.

If I can be of further assistance just let me know

Good luck!

Joe Atkinson

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