How do I get a Certificate of Origin for sending goods to Kuwait?


We are sending a product to Kuwait and they have asked for Certificate of Origin and Invoice to be attested by chamber of commerce. How do I go about that?


Dear exporter,

Your local Chamber of Commerce should be able to raise a Certificate of Origin for you. If you are in Hampshire, please contact us on 01329 242420. If not, you can find details of your local chamber at

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Hi There,

We are a freight forwarder and can attend to Certificates of Origin on our customer’s behalf.

Generally, shipments from the UK to Kuwait will have to be supported by a Certificate of Origin obtained from your local Chamber of Commerce, certified by the Arab-British Chamber and legalised by the Kuwait Embassy.

Please note that although UK Chambers of Commerce will stamp an EC Certificate of Origin for Kuwait it cannot be legalised, so exporters must be prepared to issue a letter of indemnity to protect the Chamber from any potential action against them if there is a problem at import). Goods going into Kuwait with an EC Certificate of Origin from the UK may be subject to delays at import and may incur penalties.

Can you please advise the terms of shipment, the size of the packed goods and the commodity you are sending? We would generally offer this service to our customers so it would be good to know the status of the goods and your company before I commit to offering our services.

Also, the origin of the goods will be necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to email me direct to get the ball moving:


Bradley Waller

Alliance Shipping



You can apply for your Certificate of Origin online at via your local Chamber of Commerce. The process is very quick and easy and often the certificate can be issued same-day, although Arab Certificates that need legalisation can take up to 10 days.

Thanks. Ian.

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