How do I find out which documents I need to export infant formula to China?


I have a limited company in the UK and want to export infant formula to China. I will be sourcing the products from a wholesale company in the UK, and shipping using air freight, directly to the client in China. My primary question is concerning the environmental health certificate 6288EHC and if I am required to obtain it. The infant formula manufacturer is registered and authorized to export to China. Upon purchasing the products, the supplier will be provide me with the invoice, European certificate of origin from the London Chamber of Commerce, and if I wish, a health certificate from their local council stating that the products are fit for human consumption. Are the documents provided by my supplier satisfactory to cover myself as an exporter?

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This is quite a specific question and so unless people have very similar experience in shipping the same stuff to the same place unfortunately it can be very difficult to answer with confidence.

Have you tried contacting any organisations like DEFRA or the ECO? I would have thought they would be able to point you in the right direction and give you a more definitive answer.

Would also recommend checking with your Chinese client if there is anything in particular they need in order to import the goods.

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As vets, we quite often get asked this question – the offical vet (OV) who signs the 6288 cert must be on the specific China panel to do so (which we are).
They will need evidence of the raw milk coming from a UK source, and of the heat treatment and processing and to inspect the product.
China are very strict and will not allow amendments, handwriting, ‘typos’ or schedules within the paperwork.
Any more information required, please let me know


PS – there are also forms to fill in for exporter approval by China, I can provide copies if required.

Export Action Plan