How do I export my book to Canada?


I publish a yoga book here in the UK and have just received an order for 60 copies from a yoga studio in Canada. Arranging to ship the books seems straightforward enough, but does anyone know what do I need to do with respect to import duty etc?


Fiona, it depends on your terms of sale. Are you selling Delivered Duty Paid? if so you pay the duty here. Or are you selling Delivery Duty Uncleared? if you so your buyer is responsible.

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Hi Fiona

We may be able to assist. We have a couple of clients who export books to the USA and to Canada.

Would you like to tell me who (eg FedEx, UPS, etc) you propose to use for shipping, please? That will help us better answer your question without charge or obligation.

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Depending on how you plan to ship the goods (ie by post or by parcel carrier service), any destination customs duty would normally be collected by the carrier from the buyer. If you have specifically agreed to include destination customs duty in your sale price (known as selling delivered duty paid, or DDP), you can arrange for it to be billed back to you if you do ship the goods by a small parcel carrier, although I doubt whether the post office / Parcelforce will offer this service.

In any case, I suspect that books may be free of customs duty in Canada. You can confirm this by visiting

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