How do i export coffee beans and spices to Morocco from East Africa


Dear all

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur interested in trading commodities such as coffee,tea and spices found in East Africa. I’ve travelled to Morocco extensively for the past 7 years and recently did a research on commodity market over there.

My questions are;
1. Can i export commodities to Morocco via UK regardless the commodities country of origin.

2.Can i process raw commodities to UK standard requirement and still export them to Morocco with no fees or charges incurred?

3. Is there any charges i have to pay here in UK,while handling commodities in transit to Morocco?

4. Do i have to get a licence to Import/Export agricultural commodities to Morocco?

More questions to come as i look forward to your thoughtful insight.




First decide the tariff code for your commodities see

Once you have found the tariff code for your chosen commodity take a look at this web site
You will find it gives you information regarding the import duty and taxes applicable and the import process and documentation.

If you bring commodities to the UK for processing you need to work out the best way to import them, much will depend on what processing you need to do and how many shipments you intend to make – perhaps under the customs procedure called Inward Processing Relief or customs warehousing. Both permit the import duty and VAT to be suspended until the processed product is re-exported. There are of course terms and conditions attached and administrative work to carry out.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss this further.


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