How do I deliver scrap cars and electronics exports to Pakistan through cargo?


Hi All,

i havent started my business YET. i am looking to start an export business to Pakistan.
its easy for me to sell the stuff bought here to sell in pakistan. but i need help in the following

how can i buy joblot scrap toyota cars. honda or other japanese cars or 4×4

how can i buy joblot of electronics eg laptop or computer part or 2nd hand pcs etc

how to deliver these to pakistan through cargo (on comparable prices)

thanks in advance.
please if any one has a business on the above topics please do comments.


Good Morning

I work for an international shipping company ( )

Once you have obtained the goods you can arrange with a shipping company to have your goods exported via a container and delivered at your destination.

You would probably do well to start by reviewing the various import tariffs that would apply to the goods you are looking to move. Furthermore you should look into INCO terms and what they mean so that you are aware of your responsibilities when shipping your goods.

When you do make your first shipment please make the company that you use, aware that this is your first time and they will be more explanatory.


Graham Bedford
Jenkar Shipping Ltd


Hi Waild,

I’m not sure how much help you’ll get regarding the buying of cars and electronic materials here, as this is an advice platform for exporters rather than a trading place. But you may well get some useful advice regarding delivering by cargo from our experts.

In the meantime, our articles on shipping your first order and our overview of cargo insurance might be useful starting points for you.

Best of luck with the question.



Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be viewed on the GOV.UK website at by typing ‘Notice 275’ in the search box and selecting the following links from the search results: > Notice 275 “Customs export procedures” a guide to UK export procedures using the National Export System.

Further detailed information regarding exporting goods outside the EU can be found by using the following link

HM Revenue & Customs
Customs International Trade & Excise

Export Action Plan