How do I build brand awareness in Germany?


We have a well established brand in the UK. And we have put a sales person on the Ground in Germany. It would be useful for us to find a marketing partner in Germany to do basic brand awareness building for us. Who should we approach? We are in the life sciences research sector


I can not respond to this with an immediate answer, but I do want to say that I think your strategy to work with others who have the expertise is a good one. Have you checked out the UKANs (UK Advisory Network) on UKTI’s website. They are private businesses that have been approved by UKTI to support companies in international trade. I am sure you will find someone.

If not, please feel free in getting back to me, and I’ll use my contacts to find someone for you. Sadly I specialise in Asia and Middle East, but I do come across a lot of others who have specialities in other areas. Hope it helps…


Dear Jim

once you have got your distibutor / agent/partner sorted out in Germany
please give me call .Colin ; crown freight 01263 513127 or email us on
[email protected] to discuss the freight movement of your
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Dear Jim,

Did you find a market place unto Germany already? Did you analyse your product or services compared with the similar products or services from Germany? Do you know which is the best way to sell it? What is your buyers? Do you know your competitors from market place Germany? Did you advertise there through online or media? These are some questions which you have put yourself before to sell your product to Germany.You have to do a research market there to know how can you sell your product better. EasyMk is a marketing brand which provides consultancy and marketing services to increase and grow business to the UK and abroad as well. I would like to know more details about your intention as a selling your products to the Germany. Please access to getting the informations then send a message through the contact page of it or on the consultancy form as well. We ll analyse your details then we ll call you for a consultancy meeting.

Ec. Valentin Mandric

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