How do find rates of import duty payable on second hand goods into Kenya


I wish to send second hand goods as a charitable donation to a non-profit organisation in Kenya. The goods include used plastic and metal stacking chairs, hospital beds, dressings, crutches etc, plus knitted baby clothing. I need to know what duty will be charged on these items.


Good Morning Brian,
In response to your question over duty in Kenya, I have sent our office over there a message to request the duty rates on this cargo and any other information you will need.
We are a freight forwarder based in Essex, if you email me your details I will send you a full response once my office revert this morning.

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Hi Brian,

Initially, NGOs and charitable oraganisastions in Kenya enjoyed duty exemption given that the services they provide are directed towards alleviating poverty and providing basic needs to the marginalized and underserved members of our society. However, this was phased out under the national regime by The East African Customs Management Act 2004 (EACMA), meaning, they need to account for customs duty.
With this in mind, the charitable organisation or NGO you are sending the goods to needs to be recognised by the Kenya Revenue Authority as duty exempt, and this is obtained by attaining an exemption authority from the Ministry of Finance. The exemption authority will essentially give an undertaking to the Customs that all duties payable on goods being imported by a particular charitable organisation will be paid by the Ministry of Finance depending on allocation of funds.
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