How deos one go about exported rice husks to Bangladesh to produce electricity?


Every ton of rice produced in India leaves a quarter of rice husks that end up in landfill. Using the biomass of rice husks based on the gasification and heating them to a high temperature causing the materials to decompose into a mix of combustible gases. The gases are then burned to produce heat or steam that activates a gas turbine and produces electricity.


Dear Rosa,

Thanks for posting your query. I’m not aware of any specific restrictions on the import of rice husks into Bangladesh. There will be import duty of 5% to pay and some liability for VAT band phytosanitary requirements will follow the norm.

However, I suspect that the key challenge you are likely to face will be locating a buyer. Bangladesh produced over 34 million tonnes of rice last year and this is expected to increase again this year. There is therefore a plentiful supply of domestically produced rice from which the husks can be re-used as biofuel. At present, there are just a few power plants operating on biomass fuels and these are relatively modest affairs. For the medium term, local supply of husks comfortably exceeds local demand.

Hope that this is of some help to you as you look to develop your business into overseas markets.



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