How can you create at least two additional full time jobs?


As an exporting business, there comes a time you need more employees to maintain the service level your business offers in order to grow into the market.



Thank you for question. Open to Export is a service for UK companies who want to export and do business in other markets.

Please can you provide more detail about your business and what advice and support you are looking to get from the Open to Export Community?

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My business will specialise in wholesale, cash and carry retail and distribution of top quality branded goods ranging from electrical appliances and housewares from top quality manufacturers at competitive prices.

Also, it targets both wholesalers who buy in bulk and retailers of small scale and export outside the European Community. As the business is projected to grow in the near future, there will be a trading office with warehouse outside the registerd office. I need advice on how and what sort of staffs can be employed.


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